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Shoulder Treatment

Natural Rejuvenation

FACEPLASTIC is not just facial gymnastics, but it works with the face and body as a single system that removes the causes of age-related changes and launches a robust healing process.


This is the first patented method of natural rejuvenation and restoration of the correct proportions of the face, developed by an osteopathic doctor and candidate of medical sciences - Ales Ulishchenko, which will help you:


  • Restore the contours and symmetry of the face, remove swelling

  • Smooth out wrinkles on the face and neck, improve skin elasticity

  • Reduce bruising and bags under the eyes

  • Improve posture, remove withers and back pain, lengthen the neck

  • Improve women's health and gastrointestinal function

  • Reduce migraines, improve sleep quality, nasal breathing

My Client's Results

What do we do during the session?

  • Your body and face assessment will be about 15-25 minutes. 

  • Together we will develop the action plan (what changes would you like to see, which areas of your body and face you do not like and would like to improve)

  • The very first session lasts 90-120 minutes. The following sessions last 60 minutes.

  • In your first and last session, we usually take pictures so that you can see the problems and the actual results.

  • Please, come to your session in comfortable cloth: leggings and sports attire. It is very uncomfortable for you to stay during your session in a business suit or jeans, for example. 

  • If we work on your face, we make a face mask afterwards to calm the skin. If you have any allergies, please notify us beforehand. 

  • To double the effect of our sessions, you may receive homework (for example, a quick set of exercises you may want to do regularly).

  • During the session, we do not chat; I do concentrate on listening to your body. I need to count and get your body's response when I do something. If I speak with you about the beautiful day and work, I will make mechanical moves that won't help you and your body. 

  • During the session, I use a diffuser of essential oils for you and your mind to relax. If you have allergies or do not want to, please notify me before the session begins. 

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