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(Part 1. A visit to the hospital before the delivery).

I had my first son in Canada, and it seemed to me that I was fully prepared for everything, but COVID-19 brought something else, and pharmacology did not sleep all this time. Later you will understand what I mean!

So let's start from the day I came to the hospital because I was already two weeks overdue. I didn't come to get stimulation but just to do an ultrasound and ensure that the baby has enough amniotic fluid and that we do not have issues with the umbilical cord.

That night I passed the security post without any problems (without a mask). In the delivery department, I met a doctor, who was blown away by my face without a mask. Interestingly, she didn't care that I came in dusty shoes from the street, but a face without a mask was an issue. All nurses put on paper robes as extra protection from the virus, two masks and gloves. All this was thrown away as soon as they left the ward. After the examination, the doctor said that I MUST, I simply MUST go and take a covid test. I told her I had no symptoms and would not take the test. She started her story about her family, children, and how my test will save the world. Seriously!

According to her logic, if I wore a mask - there was no need to take the test! You already understood. My answer was that there is no such law. Therefore I do not give my consent to conduct this test.

After that, a nurse came to me and said that they refused to do an ultrasound because I was without a mask. Super logic! I said that they have the right to do that; I just need a written refusal to file a complaint with the Human Rights Commissioner (It is an organization in Canada, useless, but still. They advocate for human rights). Hearing words - HUMAN RIGHTS, the nurse ran away, and after 30 minutes, I had an ultrasound.

Everything was fine, BUT the doctor began her speech about labour induction. Doctors here in North America truly believe that childbirth is absolutely going on the day they calculated. After my refusal, they started to scare me with some garbage, like the child has an accelerated heartbeat, and when asked why, they COULD NOT EVEN ANSWER. But you definitely need to stimulate. In general, here's some advice for you - if the doctor cannot answer your question, DO NOT FOLLOW HIS/HER RECOMMENDATIONS!

In the end, I signed a paper stating that I understood that by leaving the hospital and refusing stimulation, I basically killed my child.

(Part 2. Delivery).

We left the hospital at 2.00 PM, and I started drinking magical homeopathy. There are two remedies available: CIMICIFUGA RACEMOSA and CAULOPHYLLUM THALICTROIDE. If you are overdue, take 3 peas every hour of these remedies alternately. And here we go, the power of nature is always with us - at 1.00 AM with strong contractions, we went back to the hospital!

A quick note - there is no Covid at night, so there is no security which is checking if the people enter the hospital without a mask.

I had the same comfy, dusty shoes! We were met by a nurse and taken to the antenatal ward. I finally received clothing to change, BUT I was still in my dusty shoes!

After some conversation with the nurse about my refusal to take an antibiotic and epidural, I was finally let go to the delivery room, where a real circus was held. On duty was the SAME EVIL DOCTOR that I met 1st time. FU…, when she saw me, she told me that if I didn't wear a mask, they would transfer me to the COVID department, where they treat patients with COVID. I already wanted to open my mouth, but a beautiful nurse approached me, put the mask on MY EAR and quietly told me, "the mask will fall soon, and no one will care." She immediately turned to the doctors and said: "We are fine; let's work already."

Dear Good God, you always send me good people. This nurse actually helped me to deliver my baby. She lifted the bed, brought me a pillow, gave me a back massage, and spoke nice words. And the stupid doctor was just sitting in the corner.

It seems that everything went well, and everything should be fine, BUT since I was overdue, my baby came out with feces that were in the bladder, and it's not the most pleasant thing he drank while passing through the birth canal…

(Part 3. How can you save your baby?).

If the baby swallowed feces during childbirth, he/she would be given an antibiotic. The good news are we have homeopathy NUX VOMICA. At home, dilute one pea in 1 tbsp of boiled water, wait until the pea dissolves and give to the child in 3 doses. It is convenient to give with a pipette. Give 2-3 days until becomes a light colour. There is also a probiotic for newborns GENESTRA HMF NATOGEN PROBIOTIC powder. Dilute in the water and give a pipette for 3-5 days. Skin-to-skin contact is also essential. Babies take the good bacteria from our skin!

It is also important to remember that in Canada/USA, after birth, doctors immediately give an Vitamin K and antibiotics to the eyes. WHY? My opinion is just because pharmacology is so essential. By the way, the vitamin is not simple. The composition includes aluminum. It would help if you told the doctors in advance of your decision and sign the papers.

The next day, they began to collect blood for sugar. This is generally some kind of new crap! Of course, the sugar was low because babies do not even receive real breast milk in the first couple of days. Then the nurse told me that the doctor would give some "gel". I read the ingredient list and was shocked from the amount of garbage that is inside of it. I told the doctor that I would not give my child this crap, and the doctor started to threaten me to take the child away... I began to shake.

The doctor left, and the nurse came in, saw my condition and hugged me. She told me that according to the law, no one has the right to treat a child if I don't want to or give any medicine. If the doctor comes to a conclusion and the parents refuse, the doctor has to provide statistics, articles, and evidence, but again, it is the parent's decision what to give and what not. As a result, we didn't give any nasty gel to the baby.

I also met a very old nurse there who told us that such "craziness" started about 20 years ago. One size fits all! 90% of actions and injected drugs are incomprehensible and unreasonable! Moreover, a new list of drugs is increasing every year! I was the only one who gave birth "naturally" in the last two weeks. The scenario is almost the same, stimulation, cesarean or dragging children with forceps.

Many women I know dream of giving birth somewhere in the USA and Canada, truly believing that THEY KNOW HOW TO DO IT. The reality is very harsh and traumatizing. Almost two years after the birth, I still have nightmares that I can not escape the hospital!


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